Fox ESS Energy Cube 4.1kWh - Stack of 5 (20.15kWh) Incl. Master

Dit pakket is opgebouwd uit de volgende producten::
4 x FE-HV-ECS-4100 Fox Energy Cube 4.03kWh HV Battery (Slave)  
1 x FE-HV-ECM-4100 Fox Energy Cube 4.03kWh HV Battery (Master)  
Fox Energy Cube 4.1kWh - Stack of 5 (20.15kWh) Incl. Master


  • 4.03kWh Capacity
  • Scalable to 28.21kWh 
  • 90% Depth of Discharge
  • Wide Temperature Tolerence
  • Easy Installation
  • CAN/RS485 Communication
  • High Voltage

The quick & easy install feature allows for more ECM4100 battery modules to be added post installation.

Weight: 182.3kg

Dimensions (Width, Hight, Depth): 570mm x 710mm x 380mm

This battery stack allows for a MAXIUMUM OF 7 modules in a series and must include 1 Master 
191.5 kg
Battery Type:
Lithium Ion
Nominal Energy:
20150 Wh
Depth of discharge:
90.00 %
288 V
Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use):
14400 W
Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes):
14400 W
Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds):
18720 W
Maximum Charge Rate (5 Minutes):
14400 W
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