Belcom OEM Cat 5e gemonteerde RJ45 comm. kabel - 10m


Cat 5e gemonteerde RJ45 comm. kabel - 10m

SureLAN® 5e F/UTP LSZH FireFighter IEC60332-1
Cable Design 4x2x24awg F/UTP
Conductor Solid bare copper wire (24awg)
Diameter Ø 0,500 mm
Insulation Polyethylene (PE)
Diameter Ø 0,95 mm
Core identification WHBU/BU - WHOG/OG - WHGN/GN - WHBN/BN
Assembly 2 cores twisted to a pair
Core 4 Shielded pairs
Drain Wire Solid tinned copper
Screen Aluminium/polyester tape
Outer Jacket LSZH FireFighter®
Diameter Ø 6,00 ± 0,25 mm

High speed data transmission functionality designed typically for use in horizontal cable
installation of local computer networks. IEEE 802.3, IEE 802.5, FDDI, ATM, RNIS. These
cables operate to the protocol supported by Class D as set out in ISO/IEC 11801 although
they can transmit at frequencies of up to 200MHz

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